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Cyber security is a key issue for businesses of all sizes across all industries. The nature of cyber security threats is continuously evolving and security analysts are reporting the increasing use of adaptive AI-driven attacks and sophisticated, focussed attacks on Australian businesses. There are also an increasing number of security vulnerabilities identified and exploited before they're detected by security researchers ('zero-day attacks'). Of particular concern is the sharp rise in ransomware attacks against Australian businesses in recent years, where computers are encrypted and locked and a ransom in the tens of thousands of dollars is demanded to provide a decryption key.

It's essential businesses manage their risk of cybersecurity threats with appropriate software and services. We provide a full stack of best-in-class security products which combine to secure your critical business data and assets:

EndPoint Detection and Response software (EDR):

EDR is the next-generation of security products to protect PCs and servers. It replaces traditional anti-virus solutions. EDR is AI-driven and combines traditional virus detection methods with deep analysis of threats and real-time monitoring of system activity. In a nutshell it can detect and kill sophisticated and AI-driven attacks by detecting unusual and suspicious system activity.

Our preferred EDR solution is Singularity by SentinelOne, an enterprise-level, AI-driven product which includes centralised cloud-based reporting and analysis for the price of a traditional anti-virus product.

Web content control:

Also known as DNS filtering, the product protects users from accessing fraudulent and compromised websites, either of which may push out malicious downloads and infect your network with malware. It's an important safeguard in an environment of increasingly sophisticated 'social' attacks (attacks that rely on misleading users). Web content control can also be used to block users accessing undesirable sites such as social media and gaming.

Email spam filtering:

Spam filtering provides a first line of defence against malicious email containing dangerous links and files which may result in malware infections of your PCs and network. The federal government's Australian Cyber Security Centre reports a sharp increase in the incidence of 'spear phishing' attacks, where attackers do some minimal research on your business to impersonate managers, clients or suppliers to induce users to pay fraudulent invoices or download malicious files.

Disaster recovery:

Off-site backups are an essential part of a robust IT environment, and the primary means of recovering your data in case of a successful cyber attack or hardware failure. We provide best-in-class cloud backups of M365 data (including email & OneDrive), essential PCs and servers.

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